“I’ve come to take you with me…

“I’ve come to take you with me
even if I must drag you along
But first I must steal your heart
then settle you in my soul.

I’ve come as a spring
to lay beside your blossoms
To feel the glory of happiness
and spread your flowers around

I’ve come to show you off
as the adornment in my house
and elevate you to the heavens
as the prayers of those in love.

I’ve come to take back
the kiss you once stole
Either return it with grace
or i must take it by force

You’re my life
You’re my soul
Please be my last prayer
My heart must hold you forever

From the lowly earth
to the high human soul
There are a lot more
than a thousand stages

Since I’ve taken you along
from town to town
no way will I abandon
you halfway down this road

Though you’re in my hands
Though i can throw you around
like a child and a ball
I’ll always need to chase after you”
― Rumi