I play it cool – Langston Hughes

I play it cool

I dig all jive

That’s the reason

I stay alive

My motto

As I live and learn

Is dig and be dug in return

Langston Hughes

Rumi’s Will to Human beings…

Rumi’s will to human beings 

“I will for you; 
to have a fear of God secretly and openly, 
to eat less, 
to sleep less, 
to speak less, 
to refrain from sins, 
to continue fasting and praying, 
to abstain always from lust, 
to endure people’s torment and ill-treatment, 
to avoid of being with dissolute and ordinary men, 
to be with kind and wise people. For, the most beneficial person 
is the one who does a favor for others. And the most beneficial word is the one which is short and sincere.”-Rumi