beulah and john

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

What make us feel human and alive? I believe it is the love we embrace and the forgiveness we must understand and accept.

Measure and weight

Sitting by the wayside and waiting for answers that can’t be answered with words.
I like the dreamy old Poets and writers from the past. They told us live and live some more. The dead can’t live no-more.
Old Poet with Miller beer in hand told me. “Measure and weight of things make people and dreams more important. No-one remembered a man who worked himself to death and appreciate nothing but money and toys. We must measure up what is important. We must weight the value of time.
Weary and lonely men will tell you. Measure and weight what you think is truly valuable. Otherwise we are just meat. Raised up to die and be eaten.”

Young man looked…

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The Alchemy of Love



You come to us
from another world

From beyond the stars
and void of space.
Transcendent, Pure,
Of unimaginable beauty,
Bringing with you
the essence of love

You transform all
who are touched by you.
Mundane concerns,
troubles, and sorrows
dissolve in your presence,
Bringing joy
to ruler and ruled
To peasant and king

You bewilder us
with your grace.
All evils
transform into

You are the master alchemist.

You light the fire of love
in earth and sky
in heart and soul
of every being.

Through your love
existence and nonexistence merge.
All opposites unite.
All that is profane
becomes sacred again.”

– Rumi