Wednesday Lensday: Earth’s underdogs

Aloada Bobbins

Everyone loves a blossom tree: their puff-ball blooms are undeniably beautiful, they show off to the world, knowing they’re pretty, fresh and full of life. Even as they fall, they carpet the ground in ‘pink snow’, shedding their petals in a ‘Festival of Spring’ ticker-tape parade.


I was lucky enough to grow up in an area where the streets are lined with cherry blossoms – even the major roads are temporarily turned into a huge display of giant candy-floss every May and it’s an amazing sight.


However, with the warmer (and wetter) weather, there’s another growth spurt going on, one that is often overlooked and if noticed, probably considered a nuisance.


The humble dandelion is regarded by most as a weed, spreading itself indiscriminately whether it be in fields, flower beds or flagstones. But look closely at a dandelion ‘clock’ and you’ll discover a marvel of natural ‘engineering’, the seeds…

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One thought on “Wednesday Lensday: Earth’s underdogs

  1. When I see a field full of yellow dandelions, I can no longer call them humble. They are in fact very beautiful. And as you well point out the ‘clock’ is marvelous. Lovely post.

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