Diversity + Advertising

Up and Gone

I don’t usually do the Daily Prompt, but when I clicked on it today, it made me remember an essay I wrote a few years back. Recent musings have brought that essay back to mind more than once in the past few weeks, and it dovetails perfectly with the theme of the prompt—diversity.

old-navy-racist-hed-2016.jpgAtlanta, Georgia — May 2013

I’ve been mistaken for Latina in Cancun, Brazilian in Rio de Janeiro, Thai in Bangkok, and Middle Eastern in Kuwait. On different occasions people have asked me if I am Eskimo, or Native American, or Italian, or Hawaiian. When traveling, I am more often spoken to in the land’s mother tongue than in English. I’m half Filipino, half Caucasian, and while my ethnicity and my looks make chameleonic to many varied ethnic groups I grew up never seeing a family that looked like mine in the many advertisements that blared in…

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