Be nothing – Be Happy

Breath of Joy

The wisdom below tells us that ultimate bliss dawns on us only if we can free our-self from our ego, pretensions and the stored knowledge in our mind. It is our attitude of ‘I know’ that entraps us into a fixed mind-set and limits our ability to wonder, discover and be creative. The key to happiness is to ‘let go’ ourselves and do our tasks with humility and awareness.

“Music needs the hollowness of the flute; Letters, the blankness of the page; Light, the void called a window; Enlightenment, the absence of the self.” ~ Anon

Image source: Wiki Bansuri image source: Wiki

Lets remember that wisdom tends to grow in proportion to one’s awareness of one’s ignorance. Awareness is the key to happiness 🙂

Namaste Namaste

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