I Can

Rivers of Grue

I Can


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 I can’t turn back time, or extinguish the pain
I can’t prevent tragedy striking again
I can’t promise you life will always be kind
I can’t provide sight for those who are blind

I can’t ride a camel or play the jazz flute
You could hand me a gun but I can’t make it shoot
For I can’t take a life, couldn’t live with the guilt
I can’t destroy something that someone else built

I can’t take a bath in water this shallow
I can’t forge a path through a walkway this narrow
I can’t take back all of the things I have said
I can’t perform magic to bring back the dead

I can’t fall asleep after all that I’ve seen
I can’t guarantee that I’ll wake from this dream
I can’t walk on water or swim on dry land
I can’t…

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