Goodbye Polar Vortex ….. Please be gone when I return

SayVan Photography

We have finally done it. We have made our way out of the brutal cold we have been experiencing. This Polar Vortex they call it. Makes me really want to say WTF! I mean really, I have lived in Canada my entire life and I can’t ever recall hearing about this Polar Vortex. Where did it come from?

Well for the next 10 days I don’t care. As I write this tonight, I am in Florida. Yep and I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt. No layers, no gloves and no hats…. Well except a golf hat!

So for the next few days… Join Vanda and I as we cruise the Caribbean and visit Turks and Caicos, San Juan, St. Thomas and St. Maarten . Who knows these timid Canadians may even visit the French side of St. Maarten with their open and free beaches (if ya know what I…

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