Why Dizziness In Morning Getting Up From Bed

Ramani's blog

Sometimes one feels dizzy, light heade while getting up from the Bed in the morning.

You feel wobbly, there seems to be a pressure in your head.

Lightheaded Dizziness

If you walk, you find you are off-balance and your feet take to n a direction you do not intend..

This becomes  better after some time and you are alright after you take bath in warm water.


Unless you have a History of other ailments relating to Blood Pressure, Brain, Vertigo, Ear   or Spinal Cord problems, the explanation s this.

As you lie down flat , your heart need not pump as vigorously as it has to while standing,as it has no Gravity to act against,  it pumpsblood at a slower pace and your blood vessels relax.

When you stand up, the Gravity pulls Blood from the heart.

Brain, as usual grabs  more Blood,  it tells your…

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