The Doubt of Future Foes.

by Elizabeth I, Queen of England

The doubt of future foes exiles my present joy,

And wit me warns to shun such snares as threaten mine annoy;

For falsehood now doth flow, and subjects` faith doth ebb,

Which should not be if reason ruled or wisdom weaved the web.

But clouds of joy untried do cloak aspiring minds,

Which turn to rain of late repent by changed course of winds.

The top of hope supposed, the root of rue shall be,

And fruitless all their grafted guile, as shortly ye shall see.

The dazzled eyes with pride, which great ambition blinds,

Shall be unsealed by worthy wights  whose foresight falsehood finds.

The daughter of debate that discord aye doth sow

Shall reap no gain where former rule still peace hath taught to know.

No foreign banished wight shall anchor in this port;

Our realm brooks…

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Sweet Vanilla Grissini – The Recipe

The Veggy Side Of Me

20140328-181330.jpg These lovely bread-sticks are crisp all the way through and you can plunge them into an ice-cream or jam, but they’re equally delicious served just as they are.
500g flour 1 pack dried yeast
260ml rice milk
2 tbsp rum
1 tbsp Vanilla essence
2 tbsp organic margarine
cane sugar
brown sugar + water

In the bowl of a mixer, combine rice milk & yeast.  Whisk and then leave for ten minutes for the yeast to activate. Add flour, margarine, rum and vanilla essence. Mix with the dough hook attachment until the dough is well combined and smooth. Remove the dough from the mixer bowl and transfer it to a small bowl.
Cover with a towel and let sit for one hour.
Preheat your oven (175°C) and line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper. Roll out the dough until at least 28cm long. Brush them with a mix of brown sugar and water and sprinkle them…

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My Tomato Chutney

The Veggy Side Of Me


I’m a huge fan of tomatoes, I absolutely love them but I ate a lot of sorbets for dinner lately and my stock of tomatoes was fading…
In order not to waste them I decided to prepare something a bit different, that my granny really (really) liked: a tomato chutney! I used to eat it on grilled cheese before but even on some vegan cheddar is absolutely gorgeous!

Reading here and there….What is a chutney? Chutneys originated in Northern India and were initially brought back to England and France as luxury goods in the eighteenth century and then later adapted.
The word ‘chutney’ is, itself, an adaptation of the Indian chatni. ‘Chatni’ is derived from the Hindi verb chatna which literally means ‘to lick’ and represents the lip-smacking sound made on eating something tasty (such as a chutney is meant to be)…

500g red onions, finely sliced
1kg tomato, chopped

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Sri Vidya Mantra Tantra Vidyas Sources Details

Ramani's blog

Sri Vidya is unique in Hinduism as it has he rare distinction of combining Mantra and Tantra Shastras.

It also includes Yoga.

Sri means Prosperity and Plenitude.

Vidya is Knowledge.

Sri Vidya is that which grants Knowledge and Prosperity or Knowledge of Prosperity.

As Knowledge that liberates  the Soul it has no equal.

The special feature is that it grants both prosperity and Liberation n the after Life, nay, Liberates one from the cycle of births and deaths.

In two short phrases Lalitha Sahasranama describes Goddess Lalitha as .Bhaktha Sowbhagyadhaayini’

One who grants every thing for the welfare of Her Devotees.

She is The Universal Mother.

The Lalitha Sahasranama begins addressing the Goddess as The Mother , Mother of Prosperity,

“Sri Matha, Maharajne’

As Knowledge of Prosperity Sri Vidya it gives scope for prosperity in this world through Saguna Upasana and for Beyond  by Nirguna Uapasana.

Sri Vidya combines…

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Why Dizziness In Morning Getting Up From Bed

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Sometimes one feels dizzy, light heade while getting up from the Bed in the morning.

You feel wobbly, there seems to be a pressure in your head.

Lightheaded Dizziness

If you walk, you find you are off-balance and your feet take to n a direction you do not intend..

This becomes  better after some time and you are alright after you take bath in warm water.


Unless you have a History of other ailments relating to Blood Pressure, Brain, Vertigo, Ear   or Spinal Cord problems, the explanation s this.

As you lie down flat , your heart need not pump as vigorously as it has to while standing,as it has no Gravity to act against,  it pumpsblood at a slower pace and your blood vessels relax.

When you stand up, the Gravity pulls Blood from the heart.

Brain, as usual grabs  more Blood,  it tells your…

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