Eleven Kinds Of Lullaby For Children

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Lullaby is one of the most delightful forms of Literature.

Though I am very well versed in English, Sanskrit and Tamil Literature. I have a bird’s-eye view of them.

To my knowledge the kinds of Lullabies found in Tamil Literature seem to be unmatched.

I have not come across anything close to it.

Though Tamil and Tamils  are perceived to be highly emotional, thanks to idiotic self-styled fanatics of Dravidian parties who make a living off Tamil, the Truth is that Tamil and Tamil Grammar,though very rich in content, imagery,has a highly organised system of Grammar totally different from Sanskrit.

It is organised not merely by content of the poem but also relates to the Ages Of Man,Woman and Child.

Shakespeare would talk to us on The Seven Ages of Man in As you Like It.

Tamil speaks of the Ages of Woman.

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Love is Giving

Source of Inspiration


To love is to give.
When we “love” someone because
they make us happy, satisfies our
desires and needs, this is a
human “love” based in wanting
to receive. Source Love is the
essence of giving–helping
another grow, protecting them,
healing, nourishing, fulfilling
their needs and desires.

We must grow
into Source Love
for it is our nature
to want to receive.
Step-by-step, we learn
and as we do, we grow in
illumination, becoming more
and more like our Creator,
Source of
Pure Love Energy.

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