Steps of Life #3

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Our trust has been broken
lies, deceptions, uncaring actions
leave us wary and bruised.
One may forgive a betrayal,
but mending trust is much harder.

I choose to no longer be a victim
discernment is the key.
With each situation and person,
I must ask my guiding voice
to help me sense
what is false and true.

God has said, “I will never fail you.
I will never forsake you.”*
So I put my trust in that One
whom I know
is my beacon
of Light and Love
for all eternity.

*Hebrews 13:5

Freedom to Choose

Freedom to choose
brings with it
the burden of the
consequences of our choices.
Free will comes with a price;
a blessing and a responsibility.

Sometimes our choices
are based on other’s demands,
not what we know is best for us,
squandering God’s gift to man.

Choose wisely, my friend,
go within and…

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