Avatars Of Lord Shiva List, Rudra Son Of Brahma

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The essential difference between the  Avatars of Lord Vishnu and Shiva is that while Lord Vishnu is born from the womb as in Ramavatar,Krishnshnavatar,Parashururamavatar and the like, as far as I know Lord Shiva is not recorded of having been born of a womb.

The explanation given is that Lord Shiva is ‘Ayonija’, one who does not stay in the womb.

However there are Avatars of Lord Shiva,Sixty Four in Number are narrated in the Tamil Texts of yore, ‘Thiruvilayadal Puranam’

I have not come across anything other than this in Texts.

In all these instances, Lord Shiva is not born to any one;He appears, attends to the job on hand and disappears.

I have found a list of Avatars of Lord Shiva in Koorma Purana.

The Twenty eight Avatars of Lord Shiva are,







7. Jai Kishhavyan.

8.Daadhi Vaahan.






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