An Authentic Japanese Portrait – Los Angeles Custom Portrait Photographer

Jean Huang Photography - Los Angeles Custom Portraiture and Fine Art Photographer

Many of you know that I’ve just had a trip to Japan.  As exciting as it is to share the experience, it can be overwhelming when you try to tell the stories through photography.  Especially when you visit many unique and vastly different cities, the question that begs to jump out is “where do you start”?

Well, hulling through all images and process and edit to make a 2012 calendar in itself can feel like a paramount project.  And yet, the remaining tasks seem a bigger mountain to climb.  (Side note: for those that know me or will get to know me, I do not like climbing mountains. :-))  And of course, I never forget my mission in this photographic journey – it’s a beautiful world and I’m here to share the beauty the way I see it.  So, I decide to pick an image from an encounter that leaves the…

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