Contrast of Dawn and Sunset #photography #poetry

poetry penned in moon dust

behold the dawn

where the earth 

unveils color as she

dances for the warming rays

embrace the night

shadowy covering

last tendrils of color

extinguished is day

The wordpress weekly photo challenge was Saturated. When I thin of saturated I think of the way that color absorbs light.  Dawn and Sunset seemed the two times of day when color saturates our earth.

Inspired by photographers:


1. Nature in All Her Glory | Momdeavor

    1. As The Light Fades… | Fallengirlforever’s Photography Blog
    2. Glorious Harvest Colors | Home’s Cool!
    3. Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated | 2013 Weekly Photo Challenge Blog
    4. Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated | Memory Catcher
    5. WPC: Saturated or Guate/Street/Art II | Made Up of Borrowings
    6. Weekly photo challenge : saturated | Fallengirlforever’s Photography Blog
    7. wall. flowers. windows. color. | marsowords
    8. Family Day At Kemah Boardwalk | this man’s journey
    9. Wall. Flowers. Windows. Color. | See Diving
    10. Weekly photo challenge –…

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