My Corporate Failure and Cherry Blossoms

Hey from Japan- or wherever the moving van arrives- Emily Cannell

“Hanami” (flower viewing) season is a time when normal activity in Japan stops so everyone can hurry to their favorite sakura spot in order to lie under the cherry blossoms drinking sake, debating life`s mysteries with friends, or navel gazing in my case reminiscing on my great career failure.

I had great hopes. For twenty years I struggled. I watched others step on my hands as they climbed up the rungs. Ever elusive was my success. My goal just within my reach. I planted and plotted.

Many did what I failed to do.

I was never able to start a corporate buzz word.

I`ve always been an overachiever.

How this could have been? I had such catchy candidates. The cherry blossoms got me thinking again about my corporate failure. Stretched out on the blue tarp swirling the sake in the plastic cup. Thinking. So useful, my buzz words. I could…

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