Poem: Be The Child Forever

The Friendship Tree

I am posting this because the writer of it felt it not worthy.

She seemed to feel that it was not up to the usual standard, but then, I don’t tend to subscribe to everyones thoughts, after all, if I did then I would just be the same as many others.

I hope you enjoy and that you too can be the child forever.

Langley Porter.


Be the Child Forever –


Be the Child forever and never let him go,

Let him learn the lessons that he truly needs to know.

Let him fly a dragonfly kite on a windy day;

Let him always speak his mind and I will heed what he will say.


Be the Child forever with a never-ending smile,

Even if he has to be the Grown Up for a while.

Let his wisdom surface to teach those who need to know;


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