Nobody puts Pinky in a corner

Joy and Woe

Last year, when he was about three months older than Juno is now, I took Seve to a ballet class.  It did not go well.

Today, almost fully recovered from that experience, possibly high on tutu dust and definitely feeling the judgment-impairing effects of a terrible night’s sleep, I took Juno to her first ballet class.

Not without asking the prayerful folks on Facebook to beam me their very best:


I was smart about it.  Her class didn’t start until 10:00 AM but I showed up an hour early to let her “get her zoomies out,” so that hopefully she’d be calmer and less distracted when class began.

Oh, but you know what wasn’t smart?  Showing up somewhere without an extra diaper for your kid who isn’t yet toilet trained.  That was super duper not smart.  I mean, we avoided an in-class pooptastrophe, but we sure flirted with one…

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