Broccoli Sweet Potato Soup for Lunch and B is for Bulldozer Release

The Hungry Artist

broccoli sweet potato soup

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but summer has passed by quickly!  I’ve been busy with a lot of new work that I can’t talk about here because it’s not published or it’s not official yet, but stay tuned…

One thing is for certain is that an old favorite of mine has been re-released as a board book and will be out next month!

B is for Bullldozer_cover3

It’s been a perennial favorite among  young construction vehicle lovers.  It is also a fun way to learn one’s ABCs!  There is another “story” taking place in the background about two friends and their puppy.  The puppy becomes a dog, and the construction site becomes a… we’ll you’ll have to get the book to see….!

I based the dog on Tilly, my brother’s family’s sweetie, whom we just visited in June.


Here are some samples of the interior of the book:

I illustrated B is for…

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