Vegetarian And Vegan Dining In Costa Rica

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Note: Under the “vegetarian” umbrella, we include fish as a possible meal option with the purpose of appealing to “pescatarians”. Although we are aware of the fact that vegetarians (Nikki included) do not consume fish, pescatarians (like Ricky) do. For this reason, although the post below aims to provide meal suggestions for vegetarian and vegan travellers, the occasional mention of fish is offered with pescatarians in mind. Pura vida! 🙂

Ricky and I have been vegetarians for years. I’d love to say that I’m a vegan, but that would be pushing it. I’ve settled for being what I like to call a “vee-ga-tarian” – a half-vegetarian, half-vegan. I no longer consciously prepare and consume meals using products (mainly dairy) that come from animals, however I am still in the process of training my mind to acknowledge and remove all animal-related products from my lifestyle. This means that I…

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