A place where I relax



Every day, after a hard, long session of school, I head home for my well-deserved rest. If a man’s home is his castle, then the invaders are surely the forces of stress, tension and pressure. My home is where I relax, safe from attacking forces.

My front line of defence is music. Haunting melodies reverberate throughout the perimeter of my mind. Oblivion overtakes the pressure of school life as the music fills me.

My shelves hold a variety of books, each a doorway to another world. Looking through the eyes of others, I gain new perspectives on life. Reality changes with every page. Sometimes, I write my own story, creating another world of mine.

When the forces of the enemy are too great, and stress, pressure, fear, hurt and other commanders of his army oppress, I flee. I run to my exit from Reality. I run to my portal to…

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