The Lost Letter #dailypost #history #poetry #photography

poetry penned in moon dust

As I wrote to you these words

tears congealed with blackened ink

this goodbye so hard to write

how I wished I could re-take


You went away to war

tore my heart in two

the uniform I sewed

no longer resembles blue


A woman fights a war

it’s not with guns and spears

we fight inside ourselves

clinging to what is dear


The day I found her lace

I wished it wasn’t so

Perfumed you and adored

it dealt the final blow


Tucked beneath her favor

I’m leaving you this note

 wrenched from inside you see

our covenant you broke 


So many times I wished

I’d never seen that thing

for what it made me do

I threw away your ring


You wrote to me at length

declared unfailing love

how could you still claim that

with all that had been done



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