The Artist’s Palette

poetry penned in moon dust

In the artist’s world

simple beauty will distract

mistry swirl of oil color

prismed light that refracts

a simple world

no obtrusive big screen

music through the breeze classic

filters through sunny dreams

you do need a compass

you’d be utterly lost

on the sea of the canvas

flurried and tossed

I lived there

between celedon and blue

my fingerprints now hidden

tho my portaits aren’t few

the artist breathes

a differnt type air

there’s a mixture of sorts

no worries no dispair

from the linseed of life

a philosophy spins

gather hope from the brush

the artist slyly grins

but tucks it away

as she packs up the night

for to share this pure world

would give few souls delight

going to the birds

Even the rust is artistic in the artist’s domain.

Photography: “Spent Wave”  photographed image oil painting circa 1980s by Clare

“Old Man” photographed image of oil painting original circa…

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