Eli and Eggs Part 4357


My 2 year-old darling child has a fascination with eggs. He quietly sneaks away to steal them out the refrigerator and to line them up one-by-one along the kitchen floor.

During the last egg incident, I asked why he continually got them out. His response: “I likes ‘da eggs be’tause they’s cold to my fingers. Eggs are crunchy on ‘da outside and super squishy, squishy on ‘da inside. Yous have to uses gentle fingers with ‘da eggs. I likes to be gentle fingers.”

It’s difficult to argue with such a response. So, I just hugged him and said, “Fair enough.”

I now keep the eggs on a higher shelf and out of sight from my curious little boy. It has worked for the last few weeks.

Today that changed.

I had left Eli in the play room with his dad and uncle. I heard the shrieks of laughter and…

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