A Letter to my Curly Headed Valentine


DSCN5929To my curly headed Valentine,

Of all the adventures we have had with living room tents, backyard sword fights and zoo-wide quests, my favorite times with you is when we sleepily slow dance in the evening. You drift to sleep as I count every finger and toe, as I marvel at how you are growing.


They told me you would grow too fast. I was sure it was true. But I couldn’t imagine that time could possibly pass so quickly.

While it is bittersweet for me, I beam with pride at how you are growing from little baby to great big boy.


There is an unspeakable and catching joy with you. It is rare that you wake up in a sour mood. You greet each morning with a resounding, “TaDa! It’s ‘da morning” or with a song. Your favorite mantra is, “Todays is a great day!”.


Baby bear, even at…

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