A Journey through Infertility: An Interesting Case


He said that I have an interesting case.

I’ve heard it before, but it’s never easy to hear. I blinked back my tears and asked questions. I didn’t think about the answers. That would have to wait. I would wait until I was in my car. I would go over every note. And I would cry then. But not here, not in the office. 

“Your combined issues of infertility and multiple miscarriages are troubling,” the doctor continued. We sat in his over-sized office. A grand desk separated us. Photos of his beautiful wife and beautiful children smiled reassuringly back at me. I looked down at my wringing hands.

“This isn’t impossible. In fact, I know that we can get you a healthy baby.”

My eyes locked on his. I watched him carefully. I had been to 4 different doctors/specialists before him. None of them made such a bold claim. There…

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