Spoiling Gone Girl

The Bookshelf of Emily J.

I listened to Gone Girl (2012) by Gillian Flynn.  I never wanted to get out of my car, but alas, I had to.  I read this one because a friend, Cyndi, and my sister, Haley, suggested it to me.  They both gave me the warning that it was full of foul and dirty language, so I give that same caution to my friends who read this blog.  That language was especially jarring since I listened to it, but the story captivated me.

The book goes back and forth between the perspectives of Nick Dunne and his missing wife, Amy Elliot Dunne.  Amy’s perspective is from a diary of the past, and the picture she paints is one of an unhappy marriage.  From Nick’s perspective, we hear about his current thoughts following the disappearance of his wife and subsequent police investigation.  He is cagey, nervous, and constantly lying.

Yet I wanted…

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