Nick Brandt – On This Earth, A Shadow Falls

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Nick_Brandt- On_This_Earth_A_Shadow_Falls_cover

Copyright Nick Brandt 2010 published by Big Life Editions

This photobook is a sublime compilation of Nick Brandt’s two earlier published photobooks, On This Earth and A Shadow Falls. This book containing 90 photographs selected from the first two books. What seems to be missing in this new book are photographs of the animals in the context of man-made structures and most of the bluish toned photograph plates that are in the On This Earth.

There is a dichotomy between the underlying sadness regarding the state of the environment and future for these animals in Africa found in the essays and the lyrical portraits of these animals. As a result, this dichotomy reminds me of Mitch Epstein’s American Power, non-confrontational environmental portraits that hint at the dark undercurrent of the economics and consumption of energy, while Brandt is very concerned with the ecological changes occurring in Africa. In…

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