Meme Bartels – monochrome

The PhotoBook Journal


Copyright 2012 Meme Bartels published by Sequence Publishers (Amsterdam)

When I received Meme Bartels first publication, mononchrome, it was difficult to sort out, is this presentation a book, a collection of booklets & bits or as Bartels has stated; an exhibition in a box? Each component of this collection is intended to provide a unique presentation, but collectively it creates a layered investigation about the routine aspects of living as well as the act of seeing.

The title of this publication, monochrome, means one color, or a single color, such as a green, yellow, black or red. Perhaps one color but she examines the variation and possibilities of a series of single colors. Bartels states “through the use of photography and colour the daily routine becomes a thing of intrigue”.

Her subjects are very close to home, or in the case of the bread slices, in…

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