Lise Sarfati – She

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Copyright 2012 Lise Sarfati published by Twin Palms Publishers

A few years ago while in Paris I made a visit to one of my favorite used photobook stores on the rue de L’anceinne Comedie and while talking with the owner, Clement, I asked his recommendations for French photobooks which might be under the radar. One of the photobooks I left with was a French first edition of Lisa Sarati’s first photobook Acta Est, her poetic narrative of Russia. I became enchanted.

Fast forward.  Sarfati’s latest book, She, published by Twin Palms is no less poetic, while becoming even more intriguing. Her earlier mostly devoid urban landscapes are now heavily populated by a cast of feminine actresses, who play a variety of roles, made all the more complex as the four are related:  sisters, mother, and aunt.

I feel as though I have been dropped into a set of a cinema to witness a variety…

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