Keith Carter – Fireflies

PhotoBook Journal


Copyright 2009 Keith Carter, published by University of Texas Press

In his 2009 photobook Fireflies, Keith Carter takes the reader on a delightful photographic journey investigating childhood fantasies.  These are ambiguous and mysterious images, which are perhaps stories that are about every-child.

Carter taps into the childhood emotions of joy and elation. Later as an adult, observing the same events latter can evoke feelings of fear and dread, foreseeing potential injury, and the scariest fear for a parent, the death of their child. Nevertheless the photograph of a young girl amidst the fireworks of a sparkler magically transported me to an almost lost place. I can recall my delightful memories when I first held my glowing and sputtering sparkler. I can recall my ooohs and aaaahs of watching these specular fireworks, which were an experience that I think went well beyond wonder and joy.

Carter’s photographs uncannily create…

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