Jane Fulton Alt – The Burn

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Copyright 2013 Jane Fulton Alt published by Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg Berlin

Upon initially viewing the color photographs of Jane Fulton Alt’s aptly title photobook “The Burn”, I was feeling more than a bit conflicted. First, her photographs are poetic, surreal, mysterious as well as lyrical.  As aptly stated by Deborah Gribbon in her essay, “Alt has a keen eye for gesture in landscape….the burn photographs are richly visual and invite a lingering inspection that both challenges and rewards the viewer….the majority of the works are vignettes; trees, wildflowers, prairie grass and cattails….the photographs seem mysterious and otherworldly because they confound the usual cues for perceiving space and scale.”

Regretfully living in Southern California, these same photographs also speak to a much darker narrative, that of the Western wild fires. Wild fires can quickly become savagely destructive, literally destroying thousands of homes in one fire season. Even when control…

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