Facebook-Flavored Ice Cream FINALLY Exists


You know that feeling when you’ve just had an emptiness inside the very core of your soul for your entire life, and then that void – that deep, dark, empty, tear-soaked pit – is finally filled?

That’s a feeling we should all be sharing now that Facebook-flavored ice cream exists. I know I can personally now start living life as it was meant to be lived.

The ice cream looks somewhat Facebook-ish in color, and apparently tastes like gum and candy. You can get it at the Valentino ice cream shop in Tisno, Croatia, where one of the owners created the flavor after apparently noticing his 15-year-old daughter behaving like a normal 15-year-old. She was always on Facebook, in other words.

I know Croatia is a long trip for many of you, but remember the part about filling that void in the core of your soul. We’re talking Facebook-flavored…

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