You Know You`re in Japan When…

Hey from Japan- or wherever the moving van arrives- Emily Cannell

As the Clampitts get ready to close the book on Japan, I`ve been thinking about all the things that seemed odd when we arrived. And so begins the series, “You know you`re in Japan when….”

Today`s Entry:

“You know you`re in Japan when your dog is better accessorized than you are.”

I used to live by a rule stating I would never date anybody who had better hair or skinnier legs than me. There is now an amendment to my personal constitution. I will also not have a dog with better hair.




Like their human counterparts, a dog`s gotta get a little running around time. But it`s not on the way to the park.


Japanese dogs prefer not to jog alongside their masters. They`re all pack leaders preferring to point the way. Usually from the front basket.


After Easter and before Labor Day, please adhere to fashion rules. The dog…

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