Makings of a Home

the sleepwalker's wife

I’ve been inside beautiful homes, drool-worthy homes, and admired their cleanliness, attention to detail, color schemes, etc. I’ve been in homes which, upon entering, appear to be a cut out of a House and Homes magazine. Where every frame, every piece of furniture, every textile, every book and knick-knack were placed intentionally.
Then I go back to my own home, ( a place I am certainly blessed to have!) and am surrounded by clutter that somehow multiplies faster than rabbits, mismatched second-hand furniture, and basically, absolutely Nothing that would beckon for a page in ANY interior decorating magazine, other than to be shown as a before shot.
But stuff is stuff.
I don’t need pristine furniture that silently beg to be kept away from red wine; I don’t need a dozen matching, brand name frames; I don’t need to subtly coordinate the couch with the rug with the throw pillow with the throw cushions…

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