First Harvest Fest


They put up these monstrous speakers on all entrances to the city. And they kept playing a loud Beautiful City of Iriga tune over and over and over..the whole day through. Ever heard of Exploding Head Syndrome?

Yet on the main street, everyone’s attending to their  own emotions. The butterflies before the big parade.

Mixed emotions pre-street dance competition at the Tinagba Festival 2013

tight lipped


basket case







This is my first flash of the Tinagba Festival — Iriga city’s celebration of the season’s first harvest which comes about at the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes. Though some old timers here see the festival parade these days as a deviation from the original Tinagba concept of bull-drawn carts loaded with newly harvested crops and fruits procession (the carabao’s stardom has now been outshined by big colorful and dismal parade floats), the annual event nevertheless continues to draw sweeping popularity.

But frankly my dear, they should have stick to that bull and carts…

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