Day 57 + 58 + 59 Mammoth Lakes to Mariposa via Yosemite


With the siren call of an amazing hotel room and a very nice town, we decided to stay an extra day at Mammoth Lakes. Lounging around, we explored the stores and continued to stock up on delicious food that didn’t have the consistency of wet cardboard. With plans to visit Yosemite via a relative of Rattles, we were in no rush to organize our next hiking leg. Instead, we exploited our laziness to the full and engaged in activities that required us to merely sit, such as the movies. The next day, Rattles once again worked her magic and got us a late check out. From the hotel we were picked up and driven on a tiki-tour of the surrounding area by our trail angel. Our first stop was Mono Lake, a body of water that, due to the lack of sufficient outflow, has a salinity level two and a…

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