Dublin in the Rain.

Natalia Maks

I love to walk around a new place on my own with only a camera in my hands. I would love to get only visuals- no background, no history, not even a chat on background with my friends-none of those things what takes away from the pure visual experience. I love to have at least an hour of my time- I think at the times like that my vision becomes much sharper and I start to see the elements I would miss being in company of others. Here, in rainy Dublin, I needed an assistant who could hold an umbrella for me. Dubliners are great- they offered me a hand seeing that I was a straggling photographer. I dedicate this post to Dubliners.

IMG_2338 copy
IMG_2448 copyIMG_2354 copyIMG_2316 copyIMG_2302 copyIMG_2297 copyIMG_2470 copyIMG_2468 copyIMG_2467 copyIMG_2466 copyIMG_2461 copyIMG_2443 copyIMG_2441 copy


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