Contrast of Dawn and Sunset #photography #poetry

penned in moon dust

behold the dawn

where the earth 

unveils color as she

dances for the warming rays

embrace the night

shadowy covering

last tendrils of color

extinguished is day

The wordpress weekly photo challenge was Saturated. When I thin of saturated I think of the way that color absorbs light.  Dawn and Sunset seemed the two times of day when color saturates our earth.

Inspired by photographers:


1. Nature in All Her Glory | Momdeavor

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If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.

Crazy Train To Tinky Town

Blogging friends I need your help! I was chatting online during the week with one of my blogging friends Pleun over at La Vida Loca about how I hope to participate in the forthcoming Twitter event #pitchmad in the first week of September. I said that I was feeling particularly uninspired after my illness and she suggested that I recruit your advice as I have done on so many occasions.

As most of you know I am totally pants at Twitter but have been improving gradually with the help of two of my Twitter buddies, Megan at Cowboys and Crossbones and Rebecca at Clanmother (who’s well-timed quotes always manage to raise my spirits even on the bluest days).

The idea is that in 140 characters to include #pitchmad, I pitch a book idea to any literary agents that will be participating in the event. I was thinking that maybe just…

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DeDe: It’s Your Uniqueness That Makes You Beautiful!

Dogpaddling Through Life

Oh Dog! DeDe here with another tip to make you look and feel your best!

This week’s tip: Your true beauty comes from your unique self. 

Each human has his or her unique talents, traits, and quirks.

So why do they try so hard to all look and act alike?

They want to be fashionable, so they all wear the same clothes.

They want to be beautiful, so they have surgery to alter their body.

They use the same slang to look cool.

Here’s a secret us dogs know: These folks are trying to be someone besides themselves. And that means they’re not happy with who and what they are.

That face lift or boob job might get you more attention, but does it really make you beautiful?

Truth is, beauty is subjective. To be sure, most people have similar ideas of beauty, but that’s because that’s what they were…

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