Ultimate Banana Bread

Sweetness from a place far, far away...

Home is where the heart is. That’s what people usually say. I think they are (mostly) correct.  The hard part about it is finding where your heart is, and from there, where your home is. Like our heart, home is within, not without (both figuratively and literally). This makes the journey to find it that much harder. So, what makes up our heart? What do we put inside it that makes it our own and how do we tell what’s worth keeping  inside and what’s not? I try to keep my heart as whole as possible, so I put inside of it things (split into two categories) that help me work towards that wholeness. I start by placing myself, not the me that people know, or the one they think they know, but the one only I know I am. Then I place the people who love me, not in spite of, but…

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