I need you to love me #poetry #love #romance

You need me to be just who I am. – Always liked to be.

Penelope Jones


In this game of life,

We must take chances

Heed second glances


Touch with our eyes,

not just our hands

Knowing exactly where

each of us stands


You need me to be humble

I need you to be whole

You need me to help if you stumble

I need you to be the keeper of my soul


You need me to walk just behind

And I happen to think that’s just fine

Life without out us, just wouldn’t be the same

In fact Sir, many might even call it lame


I need you to guide me through right and wrong

You need me to sing you a favored song

It’s what we do, the short and the long


You’re my light in this crazy fucked up tunnel

Sometimes I feel like I’m downing in this funnel

of life and love, house and home

I wonder…

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