Never has the flame begged the moth to follow.
still it is blamed for singed wings.
Just be prepared for the things excellence brings.

burning the wick in our own little worlds,
A beacon to those who attempt to soar
to chase away the darkness of yours.

Those moments when you are torn,
between deep desires and acts borne of duty,and use the term freedom oh-so loosely.

Kings like us, bejeweled and regal
Seemingly above common thoughts,
but weighted shoulders that make deep tracks when we walk.

Sins do not condemn the sinner,
only failures at redemption.
Fueling my burning fervor for perfection.

Throughout the nights,
the plots, the plans and schemes.
The brick and mortar of dreams.

The glow illuminates the path,
Shadows recede in the instance,
for the best views do come from a distance,

plus time. Just shine.
for the dusk is sweet.
& our adversaries will…

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