New poem: Tire swing rainbow

Steven Harz Music

New poem: Tire swing rainbow

I asked what would

bring you back to me

and you said a rainbow

so I half-filled buckets

with soapy water

and threw them

one by one

against a falling

summer sky and

as the lower branch

backyard swing

brings you towards

and no longer away

we come to know that

rain drops can’t

hold up tire swings

and as your love

for me

once did your rainbow

falls apart and fades

draining drop by drop

past an old glass jelly jar

whose lid I now tap

with the handle of a

kitchen drawer butter knife

trying to loosen life’s grip

on you

and unable to twist it open

I break it against our bedpost

and on the bedroom floor among

the barbed wire shards of glass

are the jar’s contents

pop bottle nickels I’ve saved

in order to pay down

my debt to God

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