A Box of Tulips

She Kept A Parrot


I picked up a box of tulip bulbs during the Christmas holidays.

I brought the box home and set it on a counter in the kitchen.

I didn’t much like the color of the buds or the anemic foliage.

At first.


While I wasn’t paying attention, they began to open rapidly.

I could hardly believe it.

I never had tulips so I didn’t realize that they open and close depending on the amount of light.

Within a very short time, they opened so far

I thought they would wilt within the hour.

I was astounded.


In order to keep them from melting,

I moved them to the cold porch

where they closed for the night.


They continued to open each morning and close each evening

for several weeks.

I began to enjoy the ritual opening and closing.


Mr. Anole found his way onto the porch and

hung out near…

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