Strings of the Earth: A Poem

Poetic Parfait

Poems crop up like new flowers in soil. I enjoy crafting them, working through the lines like gardeners run their hands through soil. Here is the newest poem from the christyb mind, Strings of the Earth.

Strings of the Earth

The Earth hunches over you,
Playing you like a marionette doll
With strings you do not see above
Your uncombed hair, cigarette-stained

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One day

One day I’ll be back for you
One day I’ll be back for you…

We are not always meant to be
sometimes time has to step in between
And it hurts
The miles that stretch out in the space our hearts are supposed
to reside in goes on for days

I want to hold you
But I know it is not our era yet
One day I will kiss you and you will
Not taste the years we’ve lost

I will touch you and you will not feel
The way I grasp at you as though you are still
Only a part of my dreams

Instead you will feel warmth
And you will feel love
Because that is all I have for you
And one day I will come back to you, for you
Until then, live, love my love but never forget me

One day I’ll be back for…

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In The Shadows #photography #blackandwhite #poetry

penned in moon dust

between the linesFor in the shadow

of life’s great hall

there lingers

just past our sight

the thing

that we can only see

in our dreams


worse yet

is when it creeps


our worst

of nightmares

and beneath dark fiends

we fall

The Theme this week  for WordPress weekly photo challenge is foreshadowing. The writer, artist, or photographer can take a rather ordinary image and with a bit of tweaking can change the impression. The uncropped rendering in color is quite different as a peacock in the foreground has proudly unfurled his glorious tale. I hope you sense the foreshadowing of doom in this black and white

Photograph: “Between the lines” © L. Moon 2013

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Broken Dream

Pen of the Damned - where angst and horror flow freely...

I came so innocent as a child

such wild and  fanciful play

I would often tiptoe in the night

 staying long into the day


Fortresses queen I’d be

sea castles in my mind

and as I older grew

I toyed in the sublime


 chance encounter that I had

mad he flapped and cawed

black cloaked raven-man

a twisted face, how odd


things were altered now itseemed

my dreams began to thin

 darkness seeped in and through

imagination’s walls  begun to spin


Bloodless echoes haunted me

“please” I’d close my ears

steel-like, frozen where I stood

terrorized by my fears


Malevolence stalked through the mist

abyss like were his eyes

vile dropped from his lips

his cloak rendered no disguise


“I take you as my victim

pinned – a voodoo curse

you cannot from it run

I promise it’s the worst”


No light…

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Swing of the Gate #haiku #photography #poetry

penned in moon dust

Here is the haiku by Mabson O. Southard which is the first stanza of this week’s Tan Renga Challenge (which is to add a second stanza of 7-7):

Just the cellarpit;
only the catbird recalls
the swing of the gate. ~ Southard

on which hang the ages past
children used to laugh and sing ~ L. Moon

This Tan Renga Challenge prompted by Kristjaan Panneman at Carpe Diem

Some more details on the Tan Renga form

Photography: Gate to emptiness © L. Moon

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The Sea #photography #poetry

penned in moon dust


They pulled me from my world

where seals and dolphin play

moonlight bore my charms

she’d glisten and she’d sway

I listen for the splash

feel the foam against my hull

just for one lusty moment

in rolling waves I’m lulled

sea foam line

The wordpress photochallange for the coming week is the Sea. I just spent the week at home (by the sea) so I am overjoyed to share a few shots

Photography: “Hull” and “Sea Foam Line” © L. Moon 2013

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Transcript: Obama’s remarks on Syria

CNN Political Ticker

Washington (CNN) — Declaring himself “war-weary” but determined to hold Syria accountable for using banned chemical weapons, President Barack Obama said Friday he was considering a limited response to what U.S. intelligence assessed with “high confidence” as a Syrian attack that killed more than 1,400 people.

A full transcript of this Cabinet Room remarks follows. Omitted from the transcript are remarks by the presidents of Estonia, Luthuania and Latvia, with whom the president was meeting.

OBAMA: Well, obviously, I’m — I’m very grateful to have my fellow presidents here, as well as the vice president. Before I begin, I want to say a few words about the situation in
Syria. As you’ve seen, today we’ve released our unclassified assessment detailing with high confidence that the Syrian regime carried out a chemical weapons attack that killed well over 1,000 people, including hundreds of children. This follows the horrific images that shocked…

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Why I Left My Heart in San Francisco #poetry #photography

penned in moon dust

memories of a child

filtered through the glass of the rainbow

stained and etched color jubilee

standing on a rocking bench

bay wind lashing clothes and hair

no thought that the waves

and you so wee

could make you its bobbing captive

Memories of a child

filtered through the glass of the rainbow

grasping for the end of the stars

dancing to the ringing chimes

of the bell calling out through the fog

ride me to the end of the line

those jaunty cable cars

catch the end of tomorrow

Memories of a child

filtered through the glass of the rainbow

feeding squirrels her task

Golden Gate park their chosen home

It’s It dripping through small fingers it's it

The Art Deco pavilion a staid lady

musical notes of the past in her grasp

a view of a garden paradise

Memories of a child

filtered through the glass of the rainbow


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