Good Day for Writing

Lantern Post

I ran out of excuses this morning. Sun was up early and it looked like a good day for writing. Or it was what I told myself. writing dreams

Then I washed all the clean sheets and polished ornaments. They catch the sun rays on their shiny surfaces. Adjusting them just a little, this way and that. Takes a few minutes. Out of a day. While sky is relentlessly blue.

Some feeble weeds caught my eye while hanging out the unnecessary washing. Perhaps I should really attend to the garden while is still sunny, plant some more geraniums … or any other number of things.

Such as clean non-existent dust, prepare meals nobody will eat, watch mind-numbing television programs, manicure my nails for outings I will not be invited to, read serious literature so to learn how it is done … or any other number of things.

And all to escape the…

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