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With the huge Marriage Equality victory that just occured in California & all over the USA with Prop 8 and DOMA being struck down, it’s no surprise that so many LGBTQ couples are now getting engaged engaged and married. Of course I`m absolutely ecstatic at the Supreme Courts decision… I’m also happy that jewelry designers like Rony Tennenbaum are choosing to focus exclusively on our community. He has been revolutionizing the bridal jewelry industry with his 25 years experience in designing and creating engagement, wedding and anniversary rings for same-sex couples.  Rony’s Jewelry line is not what some would be too quick to label a “GAY” brand. His pieces do not scream “LOOK, GAY HERE!”. Engagement and wedding rings should proclaim love, not sexual orientation. His trademark collection LVOE, for instance, embraces the motto that love is love no matter how you spell it.

Rony took some time out of…

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