with good grace . . .


I start to write this entry.

I had noticed over the last 10 days or so a certain word popping up in many of the posts I was reading, in one way or another.

I was surprised and intrigued and commented on it’s occurrence to fellow bloggers.

It wasn’t until the middle of last night that I ‘got it’ and knew then, why for a few weeks I had been missing a beat….as it were. I had been feeling unsettled. Having builders in my space was part if it I knew, but I sensed there was something more. There was.

The magic word was connection . . . connectedness.

There is was. I realised in my state of heightened lucidity (as is often the case when I am awake through the night) that I had moved away from my centre and lost an important connection with ME.

Maintaining a connectedness…

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