No More Words

Source of Inspiration


Putting words together,
taking them apart,
line ’em up, knock ’em down,
stack them up like blocks.

I am tired of words.

Angry words, boring chatter,
sly, manipulative words that
cut to the heart.

Silence, please.

Just stop. Here, come sit
beside me in honest quiet.
Tell me what you feel with
how you brush your hair from
your eyes,  with sighs, with tears
that cleanse your soul. Speak only
in silence, a swirl of all that
you feel and are.

Our feelings are our own. Do not
pour them on others like molten
lead. Do not blame someone else
for your anger, your unfulfilled
desires,  or disappointments.

All that we feel is ours. It is
not about someone else. It is
always about us.

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