The Things We Do For Love

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I remember the first time I heard this song. I cried because that’s what I wanted for Sam. I still cry whenever I hear it because I still wish I could have gotten that for Sam.

There was once a man I dated for a few months who was a little bit like the man this song is about. The first time he asked me out, I told him I had a young son and no babysitter. He said that was no problem, that Sam could go with us. In fact, Sam went on every date with us. Though they were more like family outings than “dates”, they were always a lot of fun, and Sam fell in love just as quickly as I did.

The problem was (and there was a problem), the man had been traumatized by previous relationships and wasn’t ready to be in a new relationship…

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Review: Again! by Emily Gravett

Waking Brain Cells


Again! by Emily Gravett

It’s nearly bedtime and that means a bedtime story.  Mama dragon and little dragon curl up together to share the story of the bright, red dragon Cedric who has never gone to bed.  When they finish, the little dragon asks for it “Again?”  Mama dragon agrees and readers will see another full page of the book that tells more about Cedric and his not sleeping.  Mama reads it one more time before falling asleep herself.  Readers will notice the little dragon getting redder and redder just as Cedric in the story is turning back to green.  But this little dragon has a burning desire for one more story that leads to a fiery ending.

Gravett cleverly reaves two parallel stories together here.  There is the main story of the little dragon who wants to be read to over and over again.  Then there is the story…

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